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R & D and manufacturing center

R & D and manufacturing center

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R & D and manufacturing center
To enhance customer value is our centric values, so that we spare no effort for the customer needs to provide complete product solutions, this concept requires not only a strong technical and manufacturing capabilities, more important is understanding and sublimation. their value for each member Fengshi Engineering Research Center gathered experienced engineers and technical researchers, which are from electro mechanical, zoology, molds, process design and other areas, They, have the ability to develop, optimize product according to customer’s demand, providing customers with a full range of services. 
No.l The first provincial experimental animal equipment engineering technology research center in China
Fengshi company have the workshop of sheet metal, assembly, molds and plastic injection and other production with first-class production equipment, total plant area of 40,000 square meters. The company passed through the first in the industry to ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification in August 2001, and in strict accordance with the quality system standard for monitoring and improvement. To achieve a comprehensive, whole process, full participation in quality management.

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