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Surgical isolator

Model: SSI-IP
Specifications: 1000x800x1400mm


Experimental isolator series

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    • Commodity name: Surgical isolator
    • Commodity ID: 1078305639013961728

    Model: SSI-IP </br> Specifications: 1000x800x1400mm

    The temperature and humidity can be adjusted freely within a fixed range.At the same time, according to the set requirements, the gradient pressure in the isolator is automatically adjusted to ensure the fresh air and air exchange times in the isolator and maintain a constant pressure difference.
    The main components include:
    1.Isolator box;
    2. Portable fan, supply and exhaust duct and adapter; Isolator fan selects low noise, low vibration, high air volume, frequency conversion, portable imported fan, exhaust air. The power is greater than the blower fan. The two fans are started by using a chain device. The startup sequence is first and then sent. A Delta microcontroller is used as the controller and real-time display. The temperature and humidity in the isolator are directly controlled by sensors and manually set parameters. Differential pressure and supply air volume;
    3.Pressure, temperature, humidity sensors, controllers and displays;
    4.Adjustable air volume regulating valve;
    6.Items (or animals) with two safety protection seals) delivery window and connecting sleeve;
    7.Efficient supply air filter and ultra-efficient exhaust air filter;