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Automatic filling machine

Model: FSBF-1B
Size: 800 * 800x 1620 (mm)


Animal experiment cleaning equipment

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    • Commodity name: Automatic filling machine
    • Commodity ID: 1078305614057852928

    Model: FSBF-1B </br> Size: 800 * 800x 1620 (mm)

    1.Specially designed for experimental animal drinking water bottle filling with compact structure, covering an area of ​​0.8m2;
    2. High degree of automation, HMI | touch screen operation, automatic induction to complete the entire filling process;
    3. All stainless steel pipes and shells, easy to clean and disinfect;
    4.Suitable for filling of various specifications drinking water bottles;
    5. Stainless steel roller design, light operation, flexible and convenient;
    6.Filling speed: (250mL) 3000 bottles / hour; (500mL) 2500 / hour;
    7.Power: 220VAC50Hz;
    8.Power consumption: 300W;
    9.Illumination: about 300Lx;