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Smart box cage cleaning machine

Dimension: 2000 (L)> x880 (W) x 1850 (H) mm
Power: 380VAC50Hz
Equipment power consumption: ≤5KW (steam heating) / 30KW (electric heating)
Steam consumption: ≤60Kg / h.
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Technical index
1. Door opening method: The upper and lower linkage door opening method. When opening, the lower department forms a filling platform to facilitate the loading and placing of the cage box; the door is equipped with a double-toughened glass observation window to observe the cleaning status of the washing machine at any time.
2. Door sealing method: Inflatable silica gel sealing strip is used, with automatic filling and deflation functions.
3. Water system: Use international brand circulating water pump with water pressure of 26.5bar. It has the function of recycling and recycling water. The final rinse water is filtered by the system and used for the first cleaning of the next cleaning: sanitary SUS304 stainless steel pipes and stainless steel pneumatic valves. , Fully automatic on / off function.
4. Nozzles: 48 SUS304 special cleaning nozzles, which are installed on two stainless steel spray arms that rotate automatically.
5.Cleaning rack (frame): equipped with 2 SUS304 stainless steel cleaning racks (frames) for loading cages to be cleaned, or customized loading racks (frames) can be customized according to user needs.
6.Cleaning compartment: the volume of the cleaning compartment is 1.4m3; it is refined by using 1.5mm high-quality 304 stainless steel plate by laser cutting, numerical control bending, argon protection welding, grinding and polishing, etc., and the outer wall is equipped with a thermal insulation layer to prevent the temperature difference between the inside and outside. Dew and can effectively suppress the noise generated during cleaning.
7 control system: the control board uses imported PLC programmable controller and 7-inch true color HMI operation interface, which can observe the cleaning process and set system parameters in real time through the interface.
8. Cleaning speed: the single cleaning time is less than 6 minutes, and the number of cleaning cages is no less than 40 (mouse cages).
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