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High density touch screen mouse IVC

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High density touch screen mouse IVC

Model: GA126 Cage External Water Bottle
Model: GA63 Cage-Drag two built-in water bottles
Specifications: 1570x450x1920mm
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Technical index
01.Chassis appliances comply with national electrical safety standards, the power supply is 220V, pressure sensors and EBM fans are imported products;
02. The cage is made of stainless steel 304 tube, the surface is polished, the inner wall surface is smooth, and the solder joints are free of burrs. The whole cage must be beautiful in appearance, firm and stable, and easy to move;
03.The material of other parts (host box) is made of stainless steel 304, the surface of the inner wall is smooth, and the solder joints are free of burrs;
04.With a timer to remind users to replace the high-efficiency filter in time;
05.With a number of alarm auxiliary functions such as power outages, equipment failures and temperature and humidity over-limits, power outage alarms remind users to open the life window;
06.The host adopts full LCD display control;
07.Using static pressure breeze technology to independently provide air to each cage box to prevent cross infection;
08. The static pressure breeze makes the air flow in the cage box without leaving dead angles, and reserves an anti-power choking channel
09. The cage box and the cage must be tightly connected and have good sealing performance. When the product is used in a general environment, the cage box can always maintain SPF air cleanliness;
10. The raw material of the mouse cage box is made of PSU transparent material, specifications: 325 * 210 * 180mm, record card can be inserted, convenient opening buckle, external water bottle;
11.Cage box has good sealing, good transparency, and adopts silicon rubber to resist acid, alkali and high temperature.
150 ℃ pressure 15 pounds for half an hour without deformation; silicone sealing strip can be autoclaved at the same time;
12.The static pressure box inside the cage box makes the clean air evenly downward and sends it to the living area. The exhaust air inlet has a filtering device to prevent hair and wood chips from entering the host;
In the 13 boxes, PC transparent 300CC drinking bottles are used. The cage box is made of imported high temperature resistant materials; it has good transparency, acid and alkali resistance.
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