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Disposable Vacuum Packaging Disposal Cabinet

Model: DLZ-1A
Specifications: 1350x720x 1950mm


Animal litter negative pressure disposal cabinet

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    • Commodity name: Disposable Vacuum Packaging Disposal Cabinet
    • Commodity ID: 1078305588380323840

    Model: DLZ-1A </br> Specifications: 1350x720x 1950mm

    An automatic vacuum packaging room is designed under the cabinet. Put the litter bag with garbage into the vacuum room, and close the vacuum chamber door to perform automatic vacuuming and automatic sealing, etc., which greatly reduces the volume of the litter packaging. The garbage bag is not easy to damage, easy to store, and meets environmental protection requirements. The product has the characteristics of fast vacuum speed, good vacuum effect and strong practicability.
    The litter vacuum negative pressure packaging and disposal cabinet adopts a negative pressure design. During operation, the air in the cabinet passes the negative pressure fan and passes through the air filter device to filter and purify the particulate matter and discharge it to protect the safety of the operator.
    The cabinet body is made of 304 stainless steel. The pour opening of the countertop and the countertop are formed at one time. The front side of the cabinet is designed with a bevel and the bevel can open the acrylic window to make the operation more convenient. Make the equipment move freely. The negative pressure fan samples low-noise and low-power-consumption fans, which will not cause noise pollution to the surroundings. The whole machine has beautiful appearance and stable performance.