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Big animal negative pressure operating table

Model: FSDS-2200B
Size: 2200x 820x 950mm


Operating table

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    • Commodity name: Big animal negative pressure operating table
    • Commodity ID: 1078305575508004864

    Model: FSDS-2200B </br> Size: 2200x 820x 950mm

    Structure: SS304 all stainless steel structure
    Use voltage; 220VAC
    Power consumption: 150W
    This product is specially designed for large animal surgery. The SS304 is made of stainless steel. The table top is a modular removable table top for easy cleaning and disinfection. A negative pressure air inlet is set below the table top to pass the animal odor and odor generated during the operation The negative pressure fan is discharged to the outside to protect the indoor environment and operators. -There is a cleaning pool on the side, which is equipped with a tap sensing faucet, a pure water experimental water nozzle and a shower, and a residue grinder is installed at the drainage port of the pool. Does not clog. Two sides are equipped with stainless steel hooks for fixing large animals during surgery. The bottom is equipped with movable casters with brakes, which are convenient to move and fix. The imported German original ebm low noise fan i has the characteristics of low noise, low power consumption and long service life.