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Disinfection purification window

Model: FSXJ-1A
Specifications: 1200x900x 1910mm
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Product description
Technical index
Dimensions: 1200x900x 1910mm
Purification chamber size: 700x800x1700mm (6 layers)
Cleanroom cleanliness: class 1000
Power: 380VAC50Hz
Power consumption: 1.5KW
FSXJ-1A disinfection and purification transfer window is a new-generation disinfection and purification equipment launched by our company, which is specially designed for the laboratory animal industry, and solves the problem of experimental reagents, experimental tools and bulk animal living barriers that cannot be sterilized at high temperature. The sterilization method is optional, with a large-capacity design, sterilization has no dead corners, fast speed, and good effect. Since its launch, it has been well received by customers-praise.
The main function:
1. Disinfection wave spray disinfection function: The device has a built-in disinfection liquid tank, which sprays the atomized disinfectant solution through the atomizing nozzle in the box through a high-pressure plunger pump, which can be fully adhered to the surface of the object, and has the effect of disinfection and disinfection. Use alone or in combination with UV sterilization.
2. Ultraviolet sterilization function: The cabin is equipped with two groups of ultraviolet sterilization lamps, one group on the left and the other on the left. Users can adjust the sterilization time of the ultraviolet lamps to sterilize the objects according to their needs.
3. Air purification function: Built-in German EBM high-quality fan and high-efficiency air filter. After the disinfection is completed, the purification air will automatically turn on to exhaust the mist in the cabin.
4. Automatic interlocking function of the front and rear hatches: When the front door is opened, the rear will be automatically locked, and the front door will be closed after putting the items into the cabin.] The items will be sterilized during the disinfection process. The back door open indicator light is on, and the back door can be opened.] Take out the sterilized items.
5. Disinfection liquid level reminder function: The built-in disinfection liquid tank is equipped with a liquid level sensor. When the disinfection liquid level is low, the man-machine interface will display reminder text to remind users to add disinfection liquid in time.
6. Multi-layer adjustable shelves: There are 6 spaces in the cabin for items to be sterilized. The shelves are adjustable stainless steel grid shelves, and users can install them in any combination according to their needs.
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