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Touch screen mouse MC

Model: GA30 Cage (PSU)
Specifications (Size): 1200 X 460x 1690mm


For mice only

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    • Commodity name: Touch screen mouse MC
    • Commodity ID: 1078306014509027328

    Model: GA30 Cage (PSU) </br> Specifications (Size): 1200 X 460x 1690mm

    01.Using a large color Chinese touch display screen to display indicators such as temperature and humidity, pressure difference, cumulative time, and inlet and outlet wind;
    02. Use static pressure breeze technology to independently supply air to each cage box to prevent cross infection. The cage box design is based on aerodynamic principles. In order to avoid high wind speed causing damage to animals, it has a cage-type static pressure air box. It is evenly sent into the living area through the dense holes of the deflector to achieve low wind speed and high ventilation times without any impact on the animals;
    03.Inlet and outlet air volume adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology and microcomputer digital control;
    04.The host adopts Germany imported fan;
    05.With ultra high and low humidity, ultra high and low pressure and intelligent alarm (when temperature, humidity, pressure difference is abnormal or power failure), timely remind users
    06. The wind speed pressure difference of each box can be adjusted arbitrarily to completely protect the safety of animals and the environment;
    07. Medical silicone sealing ring ensures the tightness of the cage box and door cover;
    08. The static pressure breeze makes the air flow in the cage box without leaving dead angles, and reserves the anti-power choking channel;
    09. A static pressure box is used in the cage to make the clean air evenly and slowly descend to the living area;
    10.Can set the upper and lower limits of temperature, humidity and pressure difference;
    11.When accumulating, remind the user to replace the high-efficiency filter in time;
    12. The power failure alarm reminds the user to open the window of life to ensure the safety of animals for 24 hours.
    13. Opening the cage box is easy to operate, just press the buckles on both ends.
    14. The mouse box is made of imported raw material PSU transparent material, which is resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature at 150 ° C and pressure of 15 pounds for half an hour without deformation.
  • model Number of squirrel cages Specification mm Row number
    GA20 cage 20 970 x 460x 1470 5 layers x4
    GA30 cage 30 1200 x 460x 1690 6 layers x5
    GA36 cage 36 1430 x 460x 1690 6 layers x6
    GA42 cage 42 1430 x 460x 1780 7 layers x6
    GA56 cage 56 1890 x 460x 1780 7 layers x8
    GA30 cage x2 60 1200x 460x 1690x2 6 layers x5x2
    GA36 cage x2 72 1430 x460 x 1690x2 6 layers x6x2
    GA42 cage x2 84 1430x 460x 1780x2 7 layers x6x2
    GA56 cage x2 112 1890 x 460 x 1780x2 7 layers x8x2
    GA63 cage x2 126 1570 x 460x 1800x2 9 layers x8x2