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Automatic experimental animal suffocation machine

Model: FSZZ-2A
Specifications: 450x660x 1200mm


Intelligent animal litter feeder

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    • Commodity name: Automatic experimental animal suffocation machine
    • Commodity ID: 1078305562593742848

    Model: FSZZ-2A </br> Specifications: 450x660x 1200mm

    Asphyxia cage size: 370x500x280mm
    Use voltage: 220VAC50Hz
    Power consumption: 20W
    Source of use: carbon dioxide (with its own small carbon dioxide cylinder)
    The fully automatic experimental animal ventilator is a new type of equipment with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by our company, patent number: ZL 2011202038039. The product has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation, which complies with the relevant regulations of the International Animal Welfare Law. Praised by users.
    The intelligent animal bedding feeding machine produced by our company has independent intellectual property rights, patent number: ZL 2013204032271, adopts stainless steel housing, integrates automatic feeding and automatic feeding, lack of material alarm, data storage and other functions into one, the product has a high degree of automation. The feeding speed is fast, and the performance is stable and reliable. Since listing, it has saved a lot of labor costs for users, and has been favored and praised by users.