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Mouse MC manual type

Model: GA36 Cage (PSU)
Size (Size): 1430 x 460 X 1690mm
Model (Model): GA56 cage (PC)
Specifications (Size): 1890 x 460 x 1780mm


For mice only

  • Description
  • Technical index
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    • Commodity name: Mouse MC manual type
    • Commodity ID: 1078306011975667712

    Model: GA36 Cage (PSU) </br> Size (Size): 1430 x 460 X 1690mm </br> Model (Model): GA56 cage (PC) </br> Specifications (Size): 1890 x 460 x 1780mm

    Independent air supply isolation cage (IVC) is composed of 4 parts: air supply system, exhaust system, cage frame, mouse box. The fan is imported from Germany, the efficiency filter is produced by Sino-Japanese joint venture Huatai Company, and the pressure difference meter is imported from the United States. The cage is made of imported stainless steel 304 shaped tube. The raw material of the mouse box is PSU polysulfone transparent material. The mouse box and all sealing materials are made of silicone rubber, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, high-temperature 150 ° C, and pressure 15 lbs.
    1.Using the static pressure breeze technology to independently deliver air to each cage box to prevent cross infection;
    2.The wind speed and pressure difference of each box can be adjusted arbitrarily to completely protect the safety of animals and the environment;
    3.The medical silicone seal ring ensures the tightness of the cage box;
    4.The static pressure breeze makes the air flow in the cage box without leaving dead angles, and reserves the anti-suffocation channel for power failure; 
    5.The static pressure box inside the cage box makes the clean air evenly downward and sends it to the living area;
    6.Timer to remind users to replace the high-efficiency filter in time;
    7. Power failure alarm reminds the user to open the life window.
  • project index
    Ventilation times (times / hour) 10 ~ 50 (adjustable)
    Air velocity (m / s) ≤0.18
    Gradient pressure (Pa) 10 ~ 50 (adjustable)
    Air cleanliness (level) ≤100
    Falling bacteria (pcs / dish hour) 0
    Noise (dB) <55