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Touch-screen IVC sharing mouse and rat cage

Model: IR25 Cage (PSU)
Specifications (Size): 1400x 600 X 1750mm
Model (Model): IR25 Cage-Torch (PSU)
Specifications (Size): 1400x 600 X 1750mm
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Liquid crystal display, microcomputer frequency conversion automatic control, touch-type switch, imported fan, Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Plan project. The static air breeze technology is used to distribute the clean air into a single cage box. The inlet and exhaust air are filtered by a Sino-foreign joint venture Huatai air filter with an aseptic level of 9999. The user can adjust the best number of air changes per hour in the cage by himself. The gas in the cage is filtered out and discharged to the outside to protect the health of the operator. Low-speed gas diffusion, the air velocity in the cage is <0.18m / s, and the operating noise is <55dB. The independent air feeding system (IMC) can ensure that the air entering the animal feeding unit is effectively filtered, and at the same time, each feeding unit in the same system can be kept relatively independent and not interfere with each other. It can reach level 100 in static general environment and level 100 in positive and negative pressure static environment. The product consists of four systems, namely the air supply system, the exhaust system, the cage and the cage box. Both the air supply system and the air exhaust system use imported fans, which have the advantages of long life and low noise. The cage is made of imported stainless steel 304 shaped tube, and the cage box is made of polysulfone PSU transparent material produced by Bayer, Germany. It has a high temperature resistance of 150 ° C and 15 pounds pressure for 15 minutes without deformation and rupture. 

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project parameter
Ventilation times (times / hour) 10 ~ 50 (adjustable)
Air velocity (m / s) ≤0.18
Gradient pressure difference (Pa) 10--50 (adjustable)
Air cleanliness (level) ≤100
Falling bacteria (pcs / dish hour) 0
Noise (B) <55




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