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Negative pressure isolator for biological safety ferret

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Negative pressure isolator for biological safety ferret

Model: FS-SAG1A-XD
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Technical index
1. Meet the relevant requirements of RB / T 199-2015 "Technical Specifications for Evaluation of Biosafety Performance of Laboratory Equipment".
2. The isolator is all made of stainless steel, it includes animal breeding area, lower movable frame, electrical box, etc.
3. Isolator breeding area is equipped with high-efficiency filter for air intake and high-efficiency filter for exhaust air, the filtration efficiency is 99.9%. The inlet and exhaust filters are equipped with DOP detection ports.
4. The primary effect filter is installed at the position of the exhaust filter in the isolator breeding area. The primary effect filter is a plate primary effect filter and is equipped with a sealed slot for easy one-handed replacement.
5. The heater is installed on the isolator. The heater should be installed on the inlet filter end and linked with the fan. The temperature can be set according to customer needs. The response time of the temperature sensor is less than 0.1 second. The temperature error is less than + -1 ° C. The temperature is automatically controlled.
6. The transmission part of the isolator is provided with a transmission window, and the transmission barrel is a detachable interlocking transmission barrel.
7. The isolator is operated on one side, and the operation surface is an openable door, which is easy to clean up after the experiment. The door is made of stainless steel frame and transparent PC board. The thickness of the PC board is 12mm. Three operating gloves and gloves are installed on the door. The imported gloves are made of nitrile rubber, the glove cuffs are directly 200mm, the thickness of the single layer of the gloves is 0.4mm, and relevant information of imported gloves is provided. The door is sealed with silicone inflatable sealing strips to ensure the safety of the experimental process.
8. The inlet, exhaust filter and electrical box fan of the isolator are set in the second test of the isolator. Valves are installed in the inlet and exhaust ducts to facilitate equipment leak detection.
9. Each isolator has a double-layer design, and each floor is equipped with two SUS304 stainless steel ferret cages. Each ferret cage should be equipped with a sliding door to save the internal space of the isolator. It is also equipped with a ferret food container and a water dispenser.
10. It is a fully automatic control method. The operation uses a 7-inch HMI true color operation interface, which displays the temperature, humidity, and pressure difference of each layer of isolator in real time. The temperature and humidity sensor and pressure difference sensor use imported high-quality sensors. . The humidity value error is less than 4%, and the pressure difference value is less than 1%.
11. The isolator meets the gas-tightness requirements of the bio-safety isolator, and the online detection of the situation in the negative pressure state, the leak detection requirements: set the isolator to -250Pa, 1 hour under shutdown, the isolator leakage does not exceed 0.25% .
12. With on-line detection of airtight door air pressure, when the air pressure value is lower than the set value, the air pump will automatically start charging
13. Equipped with pressure difference and power failure alarm function. When the pressure difference is excessive, or the power failure, the isolator will alarm to remind the operator to handle it in time.
14. Each isolator has digital communication function, adopts RS485 communication, the communication protocol is Modbus protocol, and the communication distance is not less than 1000m.
15. With SMS real-time alarm function, when the device alarms, the alarm content can be sent to the parties through transparent transmission.
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