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GH type IVC mouse cage & GH type IVC mouse cage

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GH type IVC mouse cage & GH type IVC mouse cage

GH mouse IVC cages
Model: FS-001-1
Model: FS-001-1
Size: 375x160 * 180mm
Size: 375x160x 180mm
GH mouse IVC cages
Model: GH56 cage
Model: GH56Cages
Specifications: 1500 * 480 * 1760mm
Size: 1500x480x 1760mm
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GH type mouse IVC cage is the latest animal breeding cage developed by our company's researchers.
In particular, the cage box and the cage cover have been improved, which greatly improves the service life of the cage box.
It is more simple and convenient in operation.
The seal adopts the upper pressure structure. The number of applicable mice per cage meets the national standard requirements;
The cage lid uses a double silicone 0-ring to seal the spring air nozzle, which can keep the cage box and
Good seal between the nozzles. The inlet and exhaust nozzles of the cage box are all on the cage cover, and the animals are not directly stimulated by the blowing air. The cage box includes a cage box, a lid, a stainless steel net cover, a water bottle, and a plastic sign.
The top of the cage box is equipped with a compression type 90mm life window, with silicone sealed pressure grooves around it, covering a 0.2μm high-efficiency filter membrane;
The water bottle is on the side of the cage, and the feed is placed on the same side as the water bottle, which can increase the space for mice to move. External drinking water bottle, volume 280ml, square with liquid level scale, all materials are made of new raw materials, the bottle mouth is made of medical silicone soft seal, the bottle mouth is made of 304 stainless steel, electropolished, no water leakage, no metal in the bite of animal drinking water Glitches;
The full-end stainless steel mesh water bottle and feed tank are placed at the outer end of the cage box for easy observation. Stainless steel full mesh cover: wire diameter 1.8mm ~ 4.0mm. The material of the buckle is aerospace engineering plastic, which is resistant to high temperature and abrasion, and is beautiful, sturdy and durable, and easy to operate.
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GH36 cage 36 cages 1130x480x1550 6 layers * 6
GH42 cage 42 cages 1130 * 480 * 1760 7 layers * 6
GH49 cage 49 cages 1320x480*1760 7 layers * 7
GH56 cage 56 cages 1500 * 480 * 1760 7 layers * 8
GKH64 cage 64 cages 1500*480x1970 8 layers * 8
GKH72 cage 72 cages 1680x480x1970 8 layers x9
GH36 cage x2 72 cages 1130x480x 1550x2 6 layers x6x2
GH42 cage x2 84 cages 1130x480x1760x2 7 layers * 6x2
GH49 cage x2 98 cages 1320x480x1760x2 7 layers x7x2
GH56 cage x2 112 cages 1500 * 480x 1760x2 7 layers x8x2
GKH64 cage x2 128 cages 1500 * 480x1970x2 8 layers x8x2
GKH72 cage x2 144 cages 1680 * 480x 1970x2 8 layers * 9x2





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