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CF type IVC rat cage & CF type IVC rat cage

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CF type IVC rat cage & CF type IVC rat cage

CF IVC rat cages
Model (Model): CF30 cage
Specifications (Size): 2000x600x1870mm
CF type IVC rat cage box
Model: CFU-2
Specifications (Size): 470x312x260mm
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Cage innovation
1 cage cage guide on the cage guide
2.The cage frame is provided with laser-printed coordinates to facilitate accurate recording of the cage box position
3.The cage inlet and exhaust pipe holes are stamped and swiveled, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and disinfection.
4.The cage box and the cage inlet and exhaust nozzle are non-invasive structures to prevent mutual infection.
5.The cage box is tightly connected with the cage frame, and has good sealing performance. When the product is used in ordinary environments, the cage box can always maintain SPF air cleanliness.
1.The air inlet and exhaust of the cage cover adopts double silicone O-rings to seal the spring gas nozzle, which can also maintain a good seal between the cage box and the gas nozzle when it is opened
2.The top of the cage box is equipped with a compact life window with a diameter of 15mm, with a sealed pressure groove around it, covering a 0.2μm high-efficiency filter membrane;
3.External drinking water bottle with a volume of 500ml and a square with a liquid level scale.The material is made of new imported raw materials.The bottle mouth is made of medical silicone soft seal. No metal burrs;
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Model Cage number Size (mm) Rows Rows
CF20 cage 20 1330x600x1870 5 layers x4
CF25 cage 25 1670x600x1870 5 layers x5
CF30 cage 30 2000x600x1870 5 layers x6
CF20 cage x2 40 1330x600 * 1870x2 5 layers x4x2
CF25 cage x2 50 1670x600 * 1870x2 5 layers x5x2
CF30 cage x2 60 2000 * 600x1870x2 5 layers x6x2
Cage box material PSU / PPSU / PE (Optional)





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