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Rat New Metabolic Cage & Mouse Metabolic Cage & New Mouse Metabolic Cage

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Rat New Metabolic Cage & Mouse Metabolic Cage & New Mouse Metabolic Cage

New metabolic cage for rats
Model (Model): DXL-D
Specifications (Size): 290x290x550mm
New metabolic cage for rats
Model (Model): DXL-DL
Specifications (Size): 290x290x650mm
New mouse metabolic cage
Model: DXL-XS
Specifications (Size): 210x205x320mm
Rat metabolic cage
Model (Model): DXL-10
Size (Size): 1350x350x1500mm
Single cage size: 250x200x200mm
Metabolic cage plate rack for rats and mice
Model (Model): PB-2 / 2
Specification (Size): 1500x300x1500mm
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Product description
Technical index
In order to allow the best assembly, remove all the cage parts and separate them as shown in the diagram. In this chart, sometimes you will see several different established numbers etc. The parts required for the cage are included.
Avoid contact with the inside surface of the collection funnel (5) or the surface of the conical spacer (6). The tarpaulin prevents the flow of feces / urine.
Suck the urine ring (14) on the tip of the dumping funnel. Make sure the spout of the urine ring is facing down. Place the collection funnel in the lower cage (13). Symbols that roll along the edge of the lower cage should be suitable for rolling along the funnel. Place the cone-shaped isolation device on the collecting funnel, make the tapered arm support fit the notch rolling along the edge of the funnel, and set this part of the cage aside.
Second step
With the circulation of the lips, the metal plate support (7) is based on the white opening. Place the lattice support (11) on the metal plate support. The grid-supported handles should rest on the four raised characters on the circular lips of the metal plate.
third step
Place the upper cage grid (2) on the grid support, lock the cage grid, and use the cage grid for the three slots of the cage cover (1). The upper tabs are adjusted and lined up so that the lid is clockwise Spin.
the fourth step
Slide the drawer (4) of the feeder into the feeder box (3) until the drawer is locked. Insert the feeder box into the appropriate opening in the cage (2) above the squirrel cage.
the fifth step
Insert the water bottle holder (10) into the appropriate opening in the cage (2) above the squirrel cage. Place the water bottle (9) on the support bed and insert it into the hole with a suction tube. Place the flowing funnel collection tube in a half ring supported by a water bottle (12).
Step Six
Attach the lower cage to the upper cage, and use the three ribs of the upper cage to resemble notches in the lower groove to make it rise and ensure that the lower cage is rotated clockwise. Insert the collection tube (15) into the central hole in the bottom of the cage grid. Insert a second funnel with a liquid funeral tube (12) into the second hole on the floor of the cage below. In this way, your cage is fully assembled.
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1 cover 9 250ml kettle
2 Rat cage 10 Kettle support
3 Rat feeding device 11 Rat with lattice support
4 Feeder drawer 12 Water pipes collected with a funnel
5 Cone transfer counter 13 Valley
6 Conical separation device 14 Collection ring
7 Metabolic cage device 15 Rat urine collection tube collected with a funnel
8 Rat excreta collection tube    





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