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Biological safety isolator


Biological safety isolator

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    • Commodity name: Biological safety isolator
    • Commodity ID: 1078306032783609857

    FS-SAG1A bio-safety isolator is a new generation of bio-safety isolating equipment developed by Feng's Enterprise. After testing by national professional inspection agencies, all indicators have reached national standards.

    FS-SAG1A bio-safety isolator is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate as a whole. It is beautiful in appearance and durable. The second test area of ​​the operating area adopts a lift-up door to facilitate cleaning and disinfection after the experiment. The door uses an inflatable seal to ensure the door. Airtightness; Fully-automatic intelligent control system guarantees the safety and stability of the isolator; HMI operation interface makes human-computer interaction more convenient; Built-in UPS guarantees continuous battery life of more than 12 hours when the device is powered off, and the device has a built-in WIFI HD camera, Real-time observation of laboratory animal dynamics, built-in alarm function, real-time monitoring of equipment temperature, humidity, pressure difference and power supply, such as equipment abnormality, equipment immediately alarms, and through RS485 communication with the central control room to achieve a linkage mechanism. Within the alarm

    project parameter
    Device name Biological safety isolator
    Equipment model FS-SAG1A
    Dimensions 2000(L)×850(W)×2000(H)
    Available space 1600(L)×850(W)×800(H)
    power supply 220VAC 50HZ
    Power consumption 100W
    noise 55dB(A)