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Independent ventilation isolation cage


Biological safety isolator

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    • Commodity name: Independent ventilation isolation cage
    • Commodity ID: 1078306030212501504
    Biosafety independent air supply isolation cage is a new generation of safe independent air supply cage specially designed by Feng's Enterprise for the biosafety laboratory. After testing by the national professional inspection agency, all indicators have reached the national standard.
    Isolation cages adopt a national biosafety-based negative pressure system, intelligent control, and HMI operation interface to make human-computer interaction more convenient; each cage box is tested for air tightness through special testing instruments to ensure its safety. The specifications of the cage box can meet the various experimental needs of customers; built-in alarm function, real-time monitoring of the temperature, humidity, pressure difference and power supply of the equipment, such as equipment abnormality, the equipment immediately alarms, and through RS485 communication with the central control room to achieve a linkage mechanism , The content of the alarm will be sent to the designated person's mobile phone through transparent transmission in the form of SMS.
    project parameter
    product name Biosafety independent air supply isolation cage
    Product number FSIVC-3318
    Cage box material PSU / PPSU / PEI (optional)
    Wind speed inside the cage 0.18m/s
    Host size 310(L)×550(W)×1650(H)
    Differential pressure -50Pa-0 (adjustable)
    Ventilation times 0-70 times (adjustable)
    power supply 220VAC 50HZ
    Power consumption 100W
    noise 55dB(A)