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Stainless steel monkey cage (double layer)

Model: HLY-2
Size (Size): 800 <900x2080mm


Stainless steel monkey cage

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    • Commodity name: Stainless steel monkey cage (double layer)
    • Commodity ID: 1078305740310597632

    Model: HLY-2 </br> Size (Size): 800 <900x2080mm

    Stainless steel double monkey cage
    1. Dimensions: 800> 900x2080mm, double-layer, extruded, single cage: 800x900x830mm are made of stainless steel 3042B plate, the surface is smooth and free of burrs.
    2.Frame: 30x30x1.5mm 304 stainless steel tube, half-sealed plate on both sides: 1.0mm thick stainless steel 304; small sliding doors on both sides, middle 8.0mm stainless steel light element in the door frame fence, and 32x32mm net clearance;
    3.Water flush tray: fixed in the middle of the tray, with up and down adjustment pins, tilted back to flush, tilted forward to collect urine for metabolic tests;
    4.Bring a record card, boarding pole, food container, drinking box or drinking device;
    5. Multiple monkey cages can be connected in a row, the middle gate can be moved to achieve horizontal inertia, and animals can move freely in multiple cages to expand the activity space;
    6.The casters adopt 4 inch polyurethane wear-resistant universal wheels, which can protect the ground, two of them have brakes;
    7. The steel wire mesh type extrusion plate is equipped with a triangular protruding device in the middle to prevent the animal from being disturbed when it is injected and fixed, and can be squeezed into the transport cage when the monkey is removed.